Sara Khan Detained by Immigration Department in Pakistan

Sara Khan Detained

Sara Khan, 27, a popular model turned TV actress is a renowned name in Hindi TV shows. There was a lot of buzz where she steeled the attention of her fans. She married Ali Merchant during Bigg Boss 4 and declared her wedding to be null and void soon after she stepped out from the show. But this time it is due to her extended stay in Pakistan. According to the reports, the “Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai” actress was forced to stay back in Pakistan due to her Visa formalities.

Yesterday on Thursday, 6th April’2017, rumors hit the televisions and papers that she was arrested by the Pakistani cops for her illegal stay in Pakistan that was not mentioned in her visa. Actually Sara Khan was there for a shoot of her next TV show “Lekin”. Her Visa was till 28th March this year. But she extended her stay for a week lead to the source of these kind of rumors.

Meanwhile some sources have also reported Bombay times that this whole incident was related to “Raees” actress Mahira Khan. According to them, Sara was ready to return back to India on 28th March but could not made it happen due to unavailability of flights for next two days. On 30th March 2017, when she reported to the immigration counter at the airport in Karachi, the staff recognized her. They then cited Mahira’s example and said, `Remember how Mahira was treated by your people? How can we let you go so easily, especially when the equation between the two countries is so critical?’. It was only after she pleaded with them that they got down but still delayed the NOC process by a week. Now this was really very bad on the part of countries and very scary experience for Sara Khan.

In an interview, Sara dismissed all the rumors to be rubbish from head and clarified the reason behind her delayed arrival to India. She told that delay was just because of unavailability of flights for next two days of Visa expiry and  she had to extend her stay for two days. But for that Immigration department asked her for some paper work for NOC which took six days. This was the actual reason for extended stay and delayed arrival. Also she added that she was in her hotel for these six days.

She returned back to India on 5th April and headed straight to the sets of her show “Jana Na Dil Se Door”. Team of the show “Jana Na Dil Se Door” was constantly in touch with the actress and the producer was in dilemma to wait for her or replace her as her entry was scheduled by 31st March. But she returned and every thing was managed on time.

Sara dismissed every rumor related to Mahira or her arrest and quoted, “There is speculation that I was arrested in Pakistan, but that’s not true. There was no restriction on my movement and I was not ill-treated. In fact, they were quite courteous. But yes, the delay did inconvenience me as I had to commence the shoot of my new soap in India. After this incident, I would like to assert that East or West, India’s the best.“

Well we can just say “All is well, if end is well.” 🙂



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