Partha P Boruah Policeman Snatched Away His Bike’s Keys Without Any Reason

Partha P Boruah Policeman Snatched Away His Bike’s Keys Without Any Reason

Partha P Boruah Policeman Snatched Away His Bike’s Keys Without Any Reason What He Did Next, It’s Amazing.

Partha P Boruah Policeman Snatched Away His Bike’s Keys Without Any Reason

While we ride our vehicles on roads having a continuous anxiety about being caught by traffic cops even if we’ven’t broken any rules we frequently come across this question. Civilians in real life have become tolerant where they constantly make an effort to blow off issues that are added. But where he feels like he has been harassed when such situation arises, he does his best to expose reality and the truth of the problem.

Partha P Boruah, a citizen of our nation who also faced the exact same situation as many of us. His bike was stopped by Law Enforcement, where they asked for registered documents and the driving license of his motorcycle and he was interrogated for the next 3 minutes. Well, everything went well as he had all the documents along with him, but what irked him was the curiosity to wonder why and how do these officers in Khaki could perform the job that’s just delegated to TRAFFIC POLICE. Do they have the right?

Well, the instant he raised his voice against it, his bike keys were snatched away from him. Is that how they can be educated ‘public relations ’? Just snatch away what they have and made them beg for it. However, this time they messed up with the wrong guy. See his video to see how the things unfolded after that.

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In the video, it is possible to certainly see the Patroling automobile didn’t have any documented number plates. It’s the perfect example of ‘Law guardians.’ What’s more significant would be to deal with the truth that every time they feel like your vehicle stops and snatch your keys away. Irrespective of any position, no police officer, gets the ability to get this done.

Partha P Baruah went live Facebook next event to clarify things with temper and more serene mind. This time he told each and every little the function in a language appropriate for us.

It needs to be brought to the notice that just an officer of ranking higher than HEAD CONSTABLE in Traffic Police has got the ability interrogate them and to stop commuters.

Through his first interrogation, he went following this event on 14th February 2017 and was afterwards requested to undergo medical check up. Attribute this image.
The satire in this entire episode took a slingshot. He’s now in police detention for the next 14 days, and this can be the way JUSTICE WAS SERVED to somebody who opposed them. It was made sure he should be charged for expressing his discouragement that has been seemingly constructed by the officers themselves, although no actions were taken contrary to the snatching away of his keys.

Exactly what are your views relating to this entire episode? Please share your view in the comment section below.

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