Gau rakshaks- Not every dairy farmer is a cattle smuggler.

gau rakshaks

A new category added to the assault and murder reasons…and that is under the name of gau rakshaks.

Yes!!! you are reading right. Gau rakshaks- who are actually mean to save cows and calves, but actually what they are doing most of the time is misinterpreting people. Not every dairy farmer is a cattle smuggler.

In a recent incident in Alwar, a dairy farmer Pehlu Khan, 55 , resident of Jaisinghpur village, in Nuh tehsil of Mewat was all set to increase his income and livelihood by purchasing two cows on Saturday, 1st April’17. “That was the worst decision ever. It took my father’s life,” said his son Irshad. But destiny had decided something very cruel. Pehlu with his sons Irshad and Aarif was on the way back to his home town, when some gau rakshaks attacked them on NH-8 in Behror area of Alwar.

That was the worst Saturday evening for them as it took away a father from two sons. “My father was in a pickup truck with a Rajasthan numberplate, along with Azmat, who is also from our village. There were two cows and two calves in the truck. Irshad, I and another villager were in the other pickup truck which had three cows and three calves,” said Aarif. The gau rakshaks stopped their vehicles, dragged them out and assaulted them with sticks and belts. They were also robbed of their wallets and phones. The police came about 20-30 minutes later, Aarif told they were almost unconscious by then.

The gau rakshaks misinterpreted them as cattle smugglers. Rajasthan police have filed an FIR against Pehlu and his mates for illegally transporting cattle for slaughter and not having proper receipt of purchase. While Irshad stated that they had receipt issued by Jaipur Municipal Corporation (serial number 89942 dated April 1, 2017).

Jaisinghpur is a small village with around 10 dairy farmers and Pehlu was one of them. Every other farmer accompanying him identified and proved him to be a dairy farmer but not a cattle smuggler. He went topurchase cows from Jaipur to save his money but this time it cost him his life.

Police is still in search of those gau rakshaks named in the attack, robery, assault and murder-Hukum Chand, Jagmal, Om Prakash, Sudheer, Rahul Saini and Navin Saini.

This was not for the first time that such type of incident happened. But is this the right task for Gau rakshaks to do… We want to save cows but this should not be done at the cost of human life. Hinduism or any other culture never ever says to be cruel to any living being.

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